Active Navigation

PQC Tech is a partner with Active Navigation. Active Navigation is software used for analysis of business content, unstructured and semi-structured data, cleansing information, assessing data security, and preparing content for migration – including specialist tools for file shares, SharePoint, Exchange, ECM platforms, and cloud storage.

Our partnership will focus on helping customers deliver better information governance at reduced cost and risk.

Privately held with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, Active Navigation helps organizations meet their information governance goals with solutions that proactively and intelligently take control of and rationalize their legacy unstructured information assets. More information about Active Navigation can be found at

Discovery Center

Discovery Center software is a file analysis platform developed from the outset to provide file analysis for information governance. Unlike many other file analysis platforms, it hasn’t been repurposed to do this job; that means it delivers capabilities that are hard to replicate in products which started out from, say, e-discovery or storage management beginnings.

Many important tasks that form part of an ongoing governance program can be more easily achieved using Discovery Center. This includes reporting across 100s of millions of files in place, de-duplication across repositories to address leaked records, hierarchical classification to match business taxonomies, reorganizing content, and writing complex metadata to files in place in platforms such as SharePoint.

Our Specialization

Content Compliance
Intelligent Migration
Content Compliance
Reduce Risk

Core Services

  • Content Compliance

    Discover PII, PCI, credit card and protectively marked data. Quarantine and remediate policy violations. Defensibly delete e-trash.

  • Intelligent Migration

    Plan and map your data. Remove low value content. Auto classify and tag. Reorganize and migrate

  • Content Governance

    Deploy content policies in place. Automated notification. Structured review. Audited disposal

  • Reduce Risk

    Take control of content cost and risk in your digital landfill to reduce cost of ownership.

  • Visualizable and Actionable

    Terabytes to petabytes. Explore your content to gain real insight. Backed by clear policies with transparent audit trail throughout.

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