On-Call Hub

Give your patients peace-of-mind by providing them with 24/7 access to your triage resources using the latest communications technology software. 


Secure & Reliable

Our architecture exceeds HIPAA requirements and is designed from the ground up with scalability and redundancy. This ensures maximum accessibility while also making sure users only see what they are authorized to see


You tailor your services to your customers, so we've made sure that On-Call Hub can do the same. Custom forms and notes help you keep track of on-call schedules, protocols, care options and preferences, and more


Access On-Call Hub from anywhere. Our cloud-based, web-accessible, responsively-designed software is easy to use while you're in front of a computer, a tablet, or on your phone while you're on the go


You can't grow your business without the bigger picture. Our reporting and visualization tools give both you and your customers the data you need to make informed decisions about your business processes


We built our architecture with the future in mind, using the latest proven technologies that will let us grow and continue to improve the product seamlessly as both current technologies and our customers' needs evolve


Don't worry about phone-forwarding, voicemail, recording software, or other services that your practice may need. On-Call Hub provides a wide variety of solutions for automating and simplifying your communications.

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On-Call Hub is a software product and does not provide medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  

If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your healthcare provider or dial 911.

On-Call Hub partners with ClearTriage to provide the Schmitt-Thompson nurse triage protocols to after-hours nurse triage services and call centers. These protocols are the gold standard in decision support for telephone triage nurses and are used in more than 25 million calls every year. ClearTriage is the leading online provider of the Schmitt-Thompson protocols and works seamlessly with On-Call Hub.

With our partnership you get a modern, easy-to-use software solution to support your triage business or call center. The protocols, the triage forms, and the entire workflow are customizable to capture how your business works. Your triage nurses will love the simplicity and power of our integrated solution.

One client that switched from a different call center solution with the Schmitt-Thompson protocols saw a 65% increase in efficiency when taking calls using On-Call Hub and ClearTriage. This efficiency can provide more time for your nurses to focus on patient care while still saving you money.

To learn more please visit their website ClearTriage

Before using On-Call Hub, charting after-hours triage calls was very difficult—searching in a system for a patient’s name that may or may not have been spelled correctly by the person who had entered them in, charting that wasn’t quick or easy and required me to go back later to place all the information, and looking to find fax numbers to the offices for each call. However, once our company started using On-Call Hub, calls became much easier and faster to chart.

Now, there is no searching for a patient. The offices are loaded in for us, and we just give office name and MD name, then verify the spelling of the patient’s name with the caller. I can chart while I am on the phone, cutting the time I am away from my family in half. Our calls can also link to the triage protocols we use, so I can easily converse with the family while charting and then copy it over to the call. 

On-Call Hub is also very user friendly; I found it very easy to navigate. And when we were given the tutorial by the company, they ensured we all understood and had the opportunity to practice before going live. My first shift using this system was great. I couldn’t believe how easy everything was and how the template flowed along my typical triage questions. This charting system has made my job as an after-hours triage nurse much easier. Thank you!

Jennifer L Brown
Registered Nurse