One Workbench

  • Collaboration management is the key to your success.
  • One Workbench brings together process management, configurable workflow automation, task management, and communication all from an intuitive interface integrated with G Suite that allows everyone to work the way they work best; together.

Google Consulting

  • Transform your business with our consulting services.
  • Use the cloud effortlessly and painlessly.
  • Google Apps / G Suite is an easy-to-use web-enabled suite of online collaboration and communication tools that let you access your email, important documents, contacts, and calendar from almost anywhere in the world and on any device-including PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones.

Web Development

  • PQC Tech provides full service website development, app development, web presence, and social media campaigns.
  • We provide solutions at an affordable cost by utilizing proven technologies.
  • We can develop custom applications for public or internal use or help you make your presence known.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide smart solutions and assist our customers to improve their processes. We help our customers cut costs and work more efficiently by providing the correct solutions. This in turn improves the confidence and motivation for the business as well as their customers. When you talk to us, you are talking to a team that understands what you need and sets clear expectations up front.

We have a track record of using creativity, experience, and intelligence to provide our customers the best solution.

We will cost less than other similar companies because we keep overhead costs down and therefore don’t need to pass those costs onto you.

We provide amazing customer service.

We can have a conversation without using “tech talk” to listen to what you need and provide the solution.

We are focused and easy to get along with. Casual but professional.

We are highly honest, fair; and ethical. We expect the same in return.

About Us

PQC Tech develops custom technology solutions for our clients.

Whatever the size of your project or idea, we can help. Our processes and methodologies are scalable, repeatable and will work for any size organization. Our team of experienced developers can take your vision and turn it into a beautifully designed solution that increases productivity.

PQC Tech stands by our services and is committed to delivering exceptional results. Contact us today and we’ll show you how we’re different.

  • Our Development Team

    We practice Agile methodology by phasing our projects, defining what we know, and focusing on the priorities. This allows our team to streamline our deployments and improve your process.

  • Leveraging the Cloud

    We leverage all our processes in the cloud to track and manage our projects. We practice what we preach by using G Suite and our custom application, One Workbench to collaborate and improve solutions we can provide to our customers.

  • Planning

    PQC Tech’s Development Services team partners with you to extend your current capacities and help you expand with new capabilities.

    PQC Tech will work with you to eliminate the pain points you may be experiencing and develop and deploy the right solutions that deliver measurable results.

  • Analysis

    PQC Tech offers analysis services for companies of all sizes, providing customized analysis solutions to meet business objectives.

    We pride ourselves on the fact that we love to solve the most difficult technical challenges with creativity and our team’s wide knowledge base.

Did we say that we would love to work with you? So don’t be shy, get in touch!

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